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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gearing Up for St. Patrick's Day (Week)


Next week is our final week of school before spring break. It's also the week of our book fair, spirit week, and our spring parties are on Friday. Omigosh!  (Deep breath!)

The excitement level is soaring as these days approach. I started thinking about what I could do to prepare for this crazy week. I went back to our planning map and looked for some skills that I could include in a St. Patrick's Day set of review activities. If it's going to be a crazy week, I'm going to try to balance it with a regular routine and lots of skills to review and polish! 

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We're going to be working on explaining our thinking in math. We've worked on this all year, but we just took constructed response assessments, and I have a better idea of how I can help some of my students be more detailed in responding. I created five pages of story problems with assorted review skills tossed into the mix. These pages are challenging. I'm eager to see how my students do with them. 

In addition to math, we'll be working on multi-meaning words. These can be tricky for some children, so I am armed with five pages of sentences to review multi-meaning words. I plan to connect this review to context clues and dictionary skills. 

We'll be writing about trapping a leprechaun in a jar! This is one of my favorite St. Patrick's Day activities. The children really get into telling how they capture a leprechaun, in addition to the adventures that take place as a result. We'll focus on a strong beginning, really detailed middle, and a solid conclusion. I can't wait to see their illustrations.

What do YOU have going on next week? 

TGTF (Thank goodness tomorrow's Friday!)



  1. I'm in Australia - so I'm coming up to my Autumn break. I try and get all assessments done and don't like to carry anything over the holidays to the next term.

    1. Hi, Alex. I'm sorry that I missed this comment. I do hope you had a wonderful autumn break, now that it's three months later. Oops! I am not used to comments on here, but I will be more diligent from this point forward. I love Australia. I've never been there, but I hope to rectify that one day. :-)