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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Our Second Best Ideas Linky Party

second grade linky party

Our Second Best Ideas is a linky party for second grade teachers. Read below and link up your "second" best ideas, tips, or new resources! Don't forget to comment on others' posts! They're always appreciated!

Invite Your Second Grade Teacher Friends to join the linky. Feel free to share the linky image on social media. 

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To kick off this first Our Second Best Ideas linky, I'm offering a freebie. It's a set of writing process posters for your classroom. It is from my August Narrative Writing Journal product. I hope you enjoy these cute writing process posters! You can grab it here. It says August on it, because I start school on August 1. However, the posters do not have any reference to August on them, so you September starters can use them!

One of my goals for this year is to dedicate more time for the writing process. With the time crunch that we face -- CONSTANTLY -- it's so difficult to squeeze in a reasonable chunk of time to focus on the writing process. I am GOING to do it this year! I went through my first quarter scope and sequence to find all the writing skills. I created these posters to help with lessons along with a writing journal with informative texts about narratives, paragraphs, and other writing skills so that I can teach them effectively. There is a monthly survey for how kids feel about writing and an expert list. I believe children's writing topics should come from them -- not me. So, we'll use those expert lists! Note: The other August journal activities I mentioned are in the paid product found here. I'm now working on creating a similar set of materials for September, and then October, November...... You get the point. :-)

How do you fit in writing process lessons? I'd really love to hear how you do it! Leave a comment for everyone's benefit! 

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  1. Math Whiz -- Thanks for dropping by! Look for the next Second Best Ideas on August 2!