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Saturday, November 28, 2015

TPT Shoppers - Ready Your Carts!


I'm linking up with Teaching in the Tongass to get my ready to get my 'shop on' during TPT's Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale! You can save up to 28% by using the code SMILE! As in SMILE, you're about to score some great deals on all those products you've been stockpiling on your wish list!

Here are the top three wish-listed products that you'll want to check out in my Grade 2 Hullabaloo store. Drum roll, please!

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Over the years, I have had many famous Americans visit my classroom... well, the paper version of them. Without a doubt, my Famous American Biography Project - Make a Mini Famous American is a memory-maker for my students. The pride they take in becoming experts on their chosen American is evident. The creativity they use to craft a mini-version, complete with wardrobe and props, gives them good reason to beam with satisfaction. Plus, the final product is just darned adorable!

Helen Keller
Bill Gates with his biography and other interesting details tucked inside his jacket!
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What do you think when I say... regrouping? Did I just hear a groan out there from my fellow second (or third or fourth) grade teachers? I feel your pain. I am in the midst of teaching regrouping with subtraction right now! Can we all agree that regrouping is a tough skill for second graders?

My Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping, 2 & 3 Digit -- CCSS Aligned product grew from a need to give my second graders more practice with regrouping with addition and subtraction, after I had introduced the strategies and steps. I have used the pages of 16 problems in math partner and small group rotations with page protectors, as homework, and as formative assessments. I've even cut them in strips for a 'ticket out the door' type of quick assessment. 

This is my favorite, go-to resource for checking the progress of my students. Plus, I just freshened-up its nifty cowboy theme! You'll receive pages of 2-digit addition problems, 2-digit subtraction problems, 3-digit addition and 3-digit subtraction problems. If you really want to get your kiddos thinking, laminate and cut apart the regrouping puzzles and place them in your math stations. They're challenging!

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Finally, my grammar-loving heart loves that so many of my purchasers have loved this product -- Editing Sentences ~ 20 weeks -- CCSS Aligned. They're organized in a four-day, Monday through Thursday arrangement, because the time slot that I use them in is used for spelling tests on Friday. Once you get going with the routine -- one fix-up sentence and one 7-UP sentence a day, you'll have this completed in less than ten minutes! It's a time saver and a paper saver if you copy back-to-back.

As you can see from the wonderful feedback (above), this product isn't useful just to second grade teachers. Special education teachers (Angels on Earth, I tell you!), writing coaches, and second grade teachers find these useful. Be sure to check out the preview to see how the pages are arranged. I suggest copying them back-to-back, so that your children have both in hand when it is time to practice these essential skills. The Fix-Up Sentences have a handful of errors in them -- misspelling of grade level words, missing punctuation, incorrect punctuation or capitalization errors. 

The job of the student is to use your existing editing symbols to mark the errors, and then rewrite the sentence correctly. The 7-UP sentences are those sentences we all hate to read. "I see it." Oh, my, how I detest those sentences! Seven-UP sentences must have at least seven words in them. By requiring seven or more words, the student is forced nudged into writing a sentence with more details. So, I have used these deplorable three-and-four word sentences as examples that children must, 1) turn pronouns into nouns or nouns into proper nouns, and 2) add details to make the sentence more robust (7 or more words). 

The beauty of this practice is that it is a quick and meaningful activity. Yes, you'll have to model what you want for several occasions. It's easy to check, therefore saving you time, and it transfers to your other areas of writing! You can now require 7-UP sentences on all written assignments, and your students will know what you mean. Win-win!

So, hop over to Grade 2 Hullabaloo on TPT and browse through my shop. You definitely want to like my Facebook page, also, because I am giving away one copy for every five shares of my Reading and Writing Connections: Santa Claus: The World's Number One Toy Expert resource. 

Here's the preview! It's packed with fun and academically-based activities -- even a Toy Testing Day activity that is sure to be a hit with my kiddos this week!

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