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Friday, October 23, 2015

Five for Friday - 10-23-15

This has been a tough week. I was off on Monday for fall break. Monday night, my ear started hurting. You know, the kind of hurting that tells you a doctor's visit is going to happen. I taught all day Tuesday, because it was too late to get a sub. I missed Wednesday and yesterday, but I went in at 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon to finish the last half of parent conferences. Dedication, right? Maybe, but I didn't want to reschedule eight conferences and disrupt all those parents' schedules... and mine. TGIF is in order! I am wiped out!

Today was filled with assessments: Mad Minute and DSA. My kiddos are doing well with their math facts! I think it's because I have two parents who come to work with the children on their facts each week. DSA (Developmental Spelling Assessment) results showed that my kiddos are growing as spellers! Having spelling groups AND reading groups is tough to manage, but it's paying off in the results department.
We're celebrating a teammate's birthday on Monday. Each of us takes a turn bringing a treat for the team to have at lunch. It's my turn! I'm going to make Leftover Halloween Candy Bark, even though Halloween isn't over.I hope I can make mine look half this neat. 

It never fails. When I'm getting into a work or writing groove, this guy always decides that he needs my attention. When he wants attention, there's nothing to do but love on him until he gets bored with me. His name is SkippyJack. He's very much like Skippy Jon Jones. That's how he got his name.

Do you have big plans for the weekend? Me? No. I'm going to finish my lesson plans, work on a TPT product, and binge on Netflix. Gotta save my strength for PUMPKIN Week! And a field trip. 

Happy, restful weekend...


  1. Feel better! That candy bark is too cute!

  2. Thanks! Let's see how my version of the candy bark compares to the original! I have a feeling it will be a little different! Ha!