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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Some of My Favorite Periscopers

Wow. Ohmigosh!

I haven't been enamoured with an app like this in a long time. (Would you laugh if I said it might have been Angry Birds?) Anyway...

Have you experienced Periscope

A few weeks ago, I kept seeing teachers talking about Periscope on Instagram. I have learned that Periscope is a live streaming video app that Twitter recently acquired.  At first, I rolled my eyes, because I thought, 'oh, it's just another thing that is being hyped but turns out to be a disappointment.' I was wrong. For the past week or two (or three), I have been watching teachers all over the country share ideas and, to use phrase of theirs, "hash-tag, real talk." #realtalk 

One caution/tip: The videos are presented live, but are archived for 24-hours after the initial broadcast. Luckily, many of my favorites have begun saving their broadcasts to post on their blogs. So, if you're really into a person's broadcasts, you might want to check often to see if they have a new one.

Now that I have confessed my obsession great find, here is a list of a few my favorite discoveries:

For Inspiration and Motivation - Rachel Lynette (@rachellynette)

I find Rachel Lynette to be a breath of fresh air! She has a lovely way of giving information and suggestions, always bringing the focus back to students' needs. If you don't check out anyone else, please look for her videos. I think you will leave feeling uplifted. 

For Fun Chats and Advice for Teacher Author-Bloggers - Sheila Jane (@sheilajteaching)

Where to begin? Sheila Jane is wacky! From gobbling hearts that viewers give as feedback, to hiccuping during broadcasts, she still manages to inform. She gives advice about branding and marketing for teacher author-bloggers. She has her own website for teachers, and its theme is teacher happiness and wellness.  She does a great job of engaging the viewers because she is bubbly and authentic. 

Bow Tie Guy & Wife (@bowtieguywife)

This fourth grade teacher is hilarious! Teachers need to laugh, right? Not only is he funny, he is passionate about literacy integration in science and social studies especially for upper grade boys. You won't regret giving him a look. He is on-point with his strategies and book selections for encouraging students to read. His enthusiasm is infectious. It's also cute how his wife manages the camera and fields questions during broadcasts. They make a great team!

A Couple of Tips about Periscope

1. The more people you follow (just like Twitter; you can merge the two accounts), the more little whistle sounds you'll get when they begin a new broadcast. You'll also get the whistle sound when people you follow invite you to watch another person's broadcast. This is so cute and fun in the beginning. I would grab my phone to look to see what was happening. After a few days of this, I turned off notifications in the app. It can be annoying.

2. There are other great presentations, some of whom I will feature later.  I do find that some of the broadcasts tend to run on, and on, and on...zzzzz . Some people are loud and tend to get screechy when they get excited. I cannot take much of the screechy. 

Some people will shamelessly ask for hearts for feedback. Apparently, the hearts are a big deal in some circles. Some broadcasters will surprise you with a freebie, and make a great presentation even better! You'll see another side of people you may follow on Instagram or other social media sites. As you would with any social media site, trust your instincts, and you'll be fine.

One last note -- In settings, you might want to turn off the location part of the app. It is very specific, and can drill down to your street

Thanks for visiting!  Who are some of your favorite Periscopers? Leave a comment!

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