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Friday, July 3, 2015

Five for Friday - July 3

This is somewhat sad. One month from today, I will be back at work. I am usually ready to go back, but I am feeling a little reluctant to give up my all-day-pj-days. Yes, I have had many of them. Don't judge. I am guessing you might have had a few, too. If you haven't, try it! 

By the time August 3 rolls around, I'll have on my game face. In the meantime, I am going to putter with some home projects, work on finishing up some TPT products, and squeeze in one more beach trip.

Speaking of beach trips... My parents have invited me to go to Florida with them next week. It will be great to spend a few days with Mom and Pop. We'll also celebrate Mom's birthday as it falls right in the middle of the trip. I found a beautiful dish for her in Mexico. It has become a tradition to buy her a dish from each of the places I visit. Note: If you know my mother, please don't spoil her birthday present surprise!

I am currently wrestling with a decision. It involves the number three, so it is fitting that I put it here.

A dear friend of mine recently qualified for the World Championship Ironman competiton. She has invited me to go to Kona, Hawaii to experience it with her, her husband, and other friends who think she is a rock star. She IS a rock star! She has shown grit, heart and determination in reaching this goal. 

In case you're not familiar with what happens during an Ironman triathlon competion, I'll tell you. Athletes first swim 2.4 miles. After that, they make a quick change, hop on their bike, and ride 112 miles. Finally, as if that isn't enough, they run 26.2 miles. All in one day. On purpose.

I am hesitant, because the competition is on the Saturday before fall break. Ideal flights (shortest) from Nasvhille to Kona are about 12 hours, which means a full day of travel each way. Ideal flights, right now, are also over $1000! The 22-hour flights fall slightly under $1000. Ha! A bargain for 22 hours of flights and layovers!

The biggest wrinkle is that I'll need to use all three of my personal days to go. I really want to go, but I am wrestling with wanting to support my friend in this huge life accomplishment and using all of my personal days. Oh, and I really want to go to Hawaii!

What would YOU do?

Happy 4th of July (tomorrow) to my American friends!
Happy Saturday to my friends around the world! I've been invited to a 4th of July part at a former teacher-friend's house. Her backyard is a prime spot for watching the fireworks at one of the local parks. 

I'll close with a little commercial for my TPT store. Here are five products I'm very happy to have remodeled this summer. Check them out!

Thirty Days of Story Problems -- Great for Teaching Problem Solving Strategies


  1. Hey Susan! Your products look great!
    I go back to school a month from today too :( Doesn't it seem like this summer has been so short?!

    Stomping Through First

    1. Kellee,

      Yes, it has been so short! I always say that once the 4th of July rolls around, back-to-school time is almost here. I hope you've had time to recharge your batteries. I'm still recharging mine!

      Thanks for the kind words about my products!