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Friday, July 17, 2015

5 for Friday in Less than 5 Minutes?

I'm giving myself five minutes to write this post. It isn't because I don't enjoy it, but it is because I have been on overdrive with updating products, jumping at the sound of every whistle of Periscope, and basically burning my Summer Candle of Vacation at both ends. Good health, clear mind, and limited regrets about how I Spent My Summer Vacation dictate that I take some time to unplug in order to recharge. From this point forward, for at least a couple of days, I am going to be my own Calgon and pull myself away from the technology, the books, the TPT, the 'scopes -- all of it. Mind you, I'm not depressed or discouraged. I'm simply dog tired and totally saturated with all things teacherpreneur.

Four things that sound ridicululously perfect right now:
1. The Thermostat set on 70 (It is.)
2. A new series to watch on Netflix (I'll find one.)
3. Peace and Quiet (Got it.)
4. A Call to my momma to check in and hear her voice. A bonus will be if my pop is inside the house from all of his cow-doctorin', hay-bailin', there's-too-much-work-to- be-done chore list.

UPS just delivered three books, two of which are 'teachery' books. I'll tell you about the other when I come out of my much-needed quiet time. There's no way I am reading anything professionally-themed during this unplug. Luckily,I have two murder mysteries in my pool bag. 

I've failed, twice, at hiting my five-minute target of having this written. No worries. I am about to UNPLUG. Delivery food, movies, novels, and no schoolwork. I. Am On.Vacation.

One parting thought... The work will never be completely finished. Aside from my Savior, I am putting myself first this afternoon, because I can't be a very effective teacher if I'm not rested. I have two weeks of vacation left.
Take some time to smell the roses... puppies... kittens... whatever gives you bliss as you prepare to jump back into the roller coaster ride that is teaching. 

Blessings and happy thoughts.


  1. I love this post! Overdrive is putting it mildly! I don't want to even KNOW what periscope is! LOL

    1. Oh, LL&L,
      It's crazy, isn't it? I hope you're doing better than I am at keeping things in perspective. Whatever we get done will do. It may not be our vision of perfect, but no one else is going to know what we wanted to get done, but didn't. Right?

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I hope you enjoy your "unplug" time. Sounds like you've earned it!

    Carolina Teacher

    1. Danielle,

      Truth be told, I didn't do so well at unplugging. Ha! I did get some sleep, and I had some retail therapy. That helped!

      Thanks for your comment!


  3. Good for you unplugging! Important for everyone to do from time to time. What two murder mysteries are your reading?

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Yes, unplugging is so important! I'm reading Power Play by Catherine Coulter. I'm enjoying it. It isn't too graphic, but the suspense is good. The next one is a Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell. What's on your reading list for the summer?

      Thanks for commenting!


  4. Try Longmire on Netflix. Modern western sheriff type series. I guess it was on A&E a while back.
    Thanks for the reminder about unplugging! I've been away from home on vacation and had very limited internet service, ahhh relaxing!

    iTeach 2nd

  5. I love Longmire! I had forgotten about that show. Thanks for the great reminder!

    P.S. My first reply disappeared on my phone, so this may get duplicated.