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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Animal Research and Writing Organizers


Did you know that the birds start singing between 4 and 4:30 AM? How do I know this, you might ask? From experience! 

I have turned my days into nights. Being single and carefree, I can do that. My cats don't mind, although, I think they've been a little confused as to why the 'thing with thumbs' is up at all hours. I love working when it's quiet and calm. I am definitely a night person.

I have updated and renamed my animal graphic organizers. I included three writing organizers that I developed with some struggling writers last year. Typically, my second graders come to me with a great writing foundation. However, there are usually a few who missed some skills, weren't ready for skills, or really didn't enjoy writing. These writing organizers grew from this need to shore up those students' writing skills.

I am working on several other things in an attempt to be ready for school. I have about five weeks of freedom left. I'm eager to share more vacation pictures, but I am saving them for my second ever Five for Friday Linky Party post! Since I know you're curious to see them, also, I'll post this one. It's from Valladolid, Mexico. We stopped there on the Chichen Itza ruins tour. This town square was tranquil and perfect for peoplewatching. Those rounded, white chairs (on the right) are sweetheart chairs. I loved sitting in them.

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