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Saturday, August 30, 2014

What If You Had Animal Teeth or Hair?

Happy Long Weekend!

Here's a freebie to go with your animal studies. It is designed to be a literacy and science response activity. If you are familiar with Sandra Markle's books, I hope you find this little freebie useful.

I've been pointing out to my students and my student teacher when I integrate subjects. I've totally dated myself by referencing the Reese's commercials from the 80's. I'll say, "Hey, I got art in your math!" Or, "We got writing in our reading!" Notice that it is called a vintage commercial. Ha!

Anyway... Things in room 203 have been busy with Star reading and math assessments, completion of round one of DRA, beginning DSA spelling groups, outside recess time cut in half due to temperatures and heat indices, and lots of practice with routines. 

A critical part of our routine process is learning or reviewing expectations for responsible choices. Our main rule is to live above the line.  I have several of the "bucket" books, and they're great, but I want to tell you about another one that I discovered. It's called The Invisible Boy. Oh, my goodness! Trudy Ludwig and Patrice Barton have brought examples of social interaction between children to life on the pages of this book. 

Preview it first. It's very moving. I thought I might cry when I read it the first time. My children were SILENT and STILL as I read it. 

I'll close with a few portraits, which are compliments of my students.

This "How Well Do You Know Your Teacher?" activity is from my First Day of School Kit.

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