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Saturday, August 23, 2014

And We're Off!

I know. I know. I've been slacking! Well, in terms of posting to my blog, I have been a total slacker. But... I'm back!

I went back to school, for inservice, on August 1. I met my sweet second graders on August 8. So, I've been a little busy getting back into the swing of all things school. Below are some before shots of my classroom. I'll post current shots soon. 

Piles and stacks!  
Bless the cleaning crew's heart! They put down my desks.

I didn't keep them this way. :)

I can say that our school opening has been hectic, but after eleven school days, my class is building stamina for rules and routines. I also have a student teacher, so an extra pair of hands and eyes has been a great help!

As you know, the first days of school are spent building routines while trying to administer assessments. I've completed 18 of 21 DRA's!  DSA (Developmental Spelling Assessment) is completed, my groups are all set, so spelling groups will begin next week. 

We have been using Developmental Spelling (Word Journeys, Words Their Way) since our school opened. Each year, the children are better and better with spelling and word study. What do you use for spelling and word study? Inquiring minds want to know.

It's time to wrap up lesson plans. I promise I'll do a better job of keeping things updated.

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