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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bears, Dirt, and Museum Displays

As Junie B. Jones would say, "Wowie-wow-wow!" School is hopping these days!

Here are some things that have kept me procrastinating from writing a post:

Field Trip #1 -- Disney Nature's Bears Movie

It's very cute! Our kiddos loved it! Amber, Scout, and Sky were cute, funny and educational. If you get a chance to see it, do! We're not playing Amber and Scout Quiet Bear at dismissal. It's just one of those gimmicks that gets the children interested in being quiet. 

Field Trip #2 -- Tennessee State Museum

We're wrapping up the year with a study of Tennessee's History and Culture. So, off to the Tennessee State Museum we go for field trip number 2. The children had four different docents who introduced them to the early cultures of Tennessee, outstanding Tennesseans who shaped our state's history, and all about how cultures survived. 

After learning new details about our state, we began working in our Tennessee Culture and History Books. This is from my Tennessee Culture and History Booklet and Vest Kit. The booklet will be our daily record of learning. We'll brainstorm, research and record our findings in our booklets. The vest will serve as a performance task to wrap up the unit. The kiddos are eager to make their vests, and I am, too!

There were a couple of murals, while historically accurate, were a bit racy for second graders.  There were giggles and pointing. One of of my sweet angels pointed it out as inappropriate. I did my best to explain that it was the artist's rendering, and that it reflects the way the Native Americans lived at that time. (There were a few adults giggling, too!) If you're a Tennessee teacher, consider yourself forewarned. :) Do go if you have a chance. Admission is free, and the docents are great. The content was a bit challenging for some of our students, but it was an enjoyable and educational trip. 

Great American Soil Project

We're wrapping up our soils study. The children have been excited to receive snail mail, and some of them are packages with maps and other information about the location of the soil. The children have been recording the soil properties and location in their soil booklets. I'll post a picture later. It seems I don't have one on my phone. 

Earth Day

We also took some time to celebrate Earth Day with my FREEBIE Earth Day Craftivity kit. Grab a copy for next year!

We have 12 and 1/2 days of school remaining. I'm eager to have some time off, but I really love my class. I will definitely miss them. I suggested to them that I hold them all back, but they balked at that idea. They did promise that they'd come visit me every morning. 

Wherever you are, I hope you're enjoying a peaceful weekend!

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