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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rocks, Mud and Soils

Our study of soils and rocks continues. The children wrote their friendly letters to request a soil sample from a friend or family member. Addressing envelopes with second graders is a test of patience, but my kiddos did pretty well. I shared with them that I had been dreading the task. They couldn't understand why I would be dreading helping students to write addresses on a tiny space with their large handwriting! Nevertheless, they were complete and mailed away. Next on the list is to make our Great American Soil Project booklets, so that we can record our observations between our local soil and the soil we receive. 

Soil Booklets from The Great American Soil Project

While we wait for our soil samples to arrive, we've moved on to a study of rocks. What is it about rocks that kids love? In all honesty, I have a thing for rocks, too. I'm sure I inherited it from my father. Before he retired, he'd bring home interesting rocks to give to me. I suppose I come by it honestly. But, I digress...

We had some great rocks and minerals to examine, sort and classify! Next week, we'll learn a little about Mohs Scale of Hardness by doing a scratch test on some rocks and mineral samples. We'll round out the four-day week (Hooray for Good Friday!) with a study of fossils. I'm sure fossils will yield even more excitement than rocks!

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