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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trapped in a Jar!

As we wind down our week before spring break (WooHoo!), we've been working on several projects. The children are writing summaries of their on-level books and using Educreations (iPad app) to take photos and record their written summaries. They're doing a great job! Sadly, I can't post them here because of my district's confidentiality requirements.

I CAN post these cute illustrations of the leprechauns that a couple of students trapped in a jar. Their written narratives are so funny. This activity is from my St. Patrick's Day Math and Literacy kit on TPT. The children are taking a photo of their leprechaun artwork, and then they're recording their story on Educreations

It's so easy for them to use; I can send them off with a partner, and they can record and save all on their own. Talk about purposeful practice with technology and literacy! In addition to the writing activity, there are several math and multi-meaning word review activities in this set. 

This time, tomorrow night, I'll be dancing and shouting. I'll be enjoying my first evening of SPRING BREAK! If you're anticipating yours, I hope you have a restful and rejuvenating one. I'm having a staycation to recharge my batteries, visit my parents, and be a slug!

Are you traveling to some exotic place or staying at home? Leave a comment, especially if you're going somewhere exotic. I'll live vicariously through you! :-)


  1. does my bed, day time television, and a coffee shop sound exotic to you?!? :)