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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Descriptive Writing & Freebies!

We're (my colleagues and I) are crossing our fingers, putting spoons under our pillows, crayons on the window sill, etc., in hopes of a snow day. One local forecaster has declared that we're in a Snow Dome, which means that everyone around us get snow, but not us! I've been teasing my students, telling them that they are not doing their snow dance. I feel like tonight might be our last chance. Oh well... 

So, my Facebook page is up and running. I've been giving away a freebie a day each day this week. If you're in need of some new resources for your classroom, take a look!  

Today's adventures included a descriptive writing activity from my Hearts! for second grade kit on TPT. The children decorated a heart, and then wrote a descriptive paragraph about how it was decorated. After that, I collected the hearts and gave random children a paragraph to read and replicate. Here's the final product. The top left heart is the original design; the lower right design is the replicated one. I was so impressed with their ability to describe and replicate! 



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  1. can i have descriptive writing on a valentines day for grade 9