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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Spectacular 100th Day!

Wow! Our 100th day has come and gone, and we're rolling right along. The children were so excited to celebrate the day, even though we didn't assign any special home projects like our kinders and first graders do. Our day began with a great video on YouTube. It's called Jumping for 100 Seconds. One hundred seconds is a long time to jump! (Great way to burn up some energy on a cold, inside recess kind of day!) 

After cooling down from our jumping, we brainstormed other things we might be able to do for 100 seconds. Their ideas were priceless! Someone said he could stare for 100 seconds. Someone wanted to clap for 100 seconds. Others were more ambitious and said they could do X push ups in 100 seconds. We used this prediction sheet from my 100! Not Your Ordinary 100th Day of School Kit. I have a preview at the link with freebies included.

The children partnered with a friend. One friend did their activity (jumping, push ups, staring, etc.) while the other counted. Then, they switched roles and did it again. They're getting very good at predicting! What fun, engaged learning! 

The NEXT activity was Where will 100 steps take you? With predictions written, whisper phones in hand (because we all know that counting is really difficult with a bunch of children counting at the same time), we started our trek to find our 100th step's location. These predictions were all over the place. Most didn't quite end up where they predicted, but it gave them a better idea of predicting. They marked their 100th step with an arrow form taped to the wall. They checked their accuracy by counting the steps BACK to the classroom. 

My favorite activity was Design Your Own $100 Bill. Now, I have a class filled with pleasers. They want to follow directions to the letter. For this one, I said, "There are no rules." I want you to create a colorful, creative $100 bill. Of course, hands shot into the air to ask all those "Can we...?" questions. I held my ground and said to go forth and be creative. The results were so adorable!  They followed up with a written description of how they designed their money. 

It was one of my favorite 100th days of school. If you're preparing to celebrate your 100th day, I hope it's filled with fun and excitement! 


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