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Monday, January 27, 2014

100th Day is Tomorrow!


That sore throat that I mentioned turned into the flu. All. Last. Week. I had a great sub who helped keep our room trucking along in our studies. I had just said to myself that I should get a flu shot and... BAM! The flu. 

Today, my first day back, was exhausting. I was happy to see my students, and they were happy to see me, but I caught myself watching the clock. Slow day, even with the whirlwind we were creating with addition with regrouping, beginning cursive handwriting, new spelling sorts, DRA assessments with my last four students, and newly adjusted spelling groups. Whew! 

Our Dr. King studies were very engaging last week (at least the part that I was there for). The children were deeply interested in learning more about his life. They also tried to make sense of social behaviors during that time in our country's history. There is always a feeling of total seriousness when they ask questions and turn and talk about actions and laws of those times. I was proud of them for asking excellent questions and making perceptive observations.   I used materials from my TPT product,  Happy Birthday, Dr. King! 

See it Here

The students' birthday cakes for Dr. King turned out totally delicious! Well, deliciously colorful. Here are a couple of photos of them. The children wrote statements telling how they will honor Dr. King's dream.

The 100th Day of School always seems so far away until it's tomorrow! Tomorrow is our 100th Day! I have my materials ready. The kids have their enthusiasm ready. We're set for a day filled with counting sets of 100 steps, jumping jacks (and who knows what else!), designing 100 dollar bills, thinking of their future by writing about contributions they will make to society 100 years from now. 


The activities that I am using are from my 100! Not Your Ordinary 100th Day of School Kit. Here's a freebie for you! 

It's time to round up tomorrow's outfit and relax. Have a great Tuesday!


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