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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fertile Myrtle, I Am!

Our classroom has transformed into a mini-zoo, and we all love it! Our science curriculum focuses on life cycles, this quarter, and we have lots of critters to help us learn about life cycles. We have at least two dozen butterflies, which we have observed through the caterpillar and pupa stages. They will be released in a few days. 

Thanks to Petco's Kids 'n' Pets grant program, we have two fire belly toads in a terrific terrarium. If you're interested in Petco's Kids 'n' Pets program, the information is here. You'll need your principal's approval. It's an easy way to get a wonderful pet for your classroom without having to spend a ton of money. Thanks, Petco!

Sunset and Bubbles, our goldfish, are swimmingly happy in their aquarium. Our daily stars (helpers) get to feed them. Of course, Sunset and Bubbles beg for food every time someone walks by their tank. 

A student moved, and couldn't take his hermit crabs with him. So, we are the proud keepers of Adventurer and Hider. Hider is a terrific hider, too! He's been MIA for two days. I think he took to the depths of the moss and coconut mulch when Adventurer moved into his house.

The most exciting pets to me are the eggs that we have in our incubator. We have nine hen eggs and fourteen assorted duck eggs. They just went into the incubator yesterday, so we are getting to practice our patience for these pets. Twenty-one days from yesterday, we should have chicks, and a week later, we should have ducklings. Excitement!

Here's a picture of the duck eggs that came all the way from California.

Practicing patience...


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