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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sloooooow Down!

Last year, I said I had never worked harder. Enter this year. I am not complaining. I love my job and the hectic pace that it is. However, I am constantly amazed by how much more we teachers put on our plates each year. Would you agree that a large portion of what is on our plates is placed there by us? Sure, administration puts some of it there: RTI, observations, policy and procedures, but I am guilty of trying to add one more cute, yet meaningful, activity to my teacher toolbox. 

Here's my list of new things that I am adding to my plate:
  1. Movies for students by students -- The same policies that allow and encourage me to use technology are hindering my ability to share it. Still, I am actively seeking a solution. More on that later...
  2. Reflection Journals -- These are still in idea form. I want my students to have a journal for reflecting on their learning experiences. I really should put this one at the top of the list.
  3. Reading Logs -- I had snazzy, complicated response journals, last year. We really didn't use all the bells and whistles. This one really should be at the top of the list. Really! Our routines are set. The kiddos are ready to handle an extra responsibility. No more single response pages. 
  4. TPT -- While it isn't related directly to my teaching, I am trying to be smart about items that I create. If I am going to put it on TPT, I want it to be useful in my classroom first. You know, kid tested and teacher approved!
  5. Building stronger relationships with my colleagues -- I adore my colleagues, but I feel like we're ships passing in the hallways. Time is the enemy. I am really trying to listen with my eyes and ears; to hear what my colleagues are saying, and what they aren't saying. We are a school family, and I want to be a positive light in their day. 
  6. Blog - I like this blogging thing, but it does take time to think about what I want to say; what my message is. It's not for marketing. It's for giving anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog a peek into the life of one second grade teacher. Is anyone out there???
  7. Permission to fail in my quest for perfection. It doesn't exist. Yet, I search and strive.
We enjoyed our first field trip today. It was terrific! This location, Travellers Rest, is my favorite field trip -- ever! We learned all about trades and skills from the 19th century. It was exhausting, but buckets of fun.

Until next time...


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  1. I love the list!! And I can relate to so many of your goals! What a gift you are to the school community!!