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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ciclo de Vida

Let me be the first to say that my knowledge of Spanish is scant. Learning to speak it is near the top of my bucket list. Yet, I kept thinking about how to open this post and the crazy-hectic pace that school is right now came to mind. La Vida Loca...Thanks, Ricky Martin. Great song. I'll wait while you go listen to it on YouTube. 

So, we are knee-deep in the processes of life -- butterflies, mosquitoes (yep, I brought some of those rascals from my patio watering can), fish, and soon-to-be... chicken and duck eggs! Several generous parents purchased an incubator and supplies for my classroom. We're waiting until the twenty-one day incubation period lands on the other side of our fall break to put in the eggs. We can't have chicks and ducklings hatching while I am lounging on the beach, can we? I think I am more impatient than the children. Soon, my chicks. Soon.

Our caterpillars are getting plump. I expect to see several J-shapes when we return to school tomorrow. The kiddos have had such an exciting time measuring them. And letting them crawl up their arms. I have a video that is hilarious, loud, and pure learning magic. Every child is engaged in measuring, comparing and observing. 

On another note... I had this brainstorm for a math game that incorporates expanded notation, building numbers with base ten blocks, and cups. Cup o' Numbers is what I call it. My second graders loved playing it, especially when I told them that I wanted them to help me work out any problems with the game. They didn't especially like the Splash! idea (giving your points to your partner) until they realized that it can be to their benefit in some instances. 

Here's a preview of the game. I think it has a kind of 50's kitschy feel to it.

Credits and Google Drive files coming as soon as I insert credits to the graphic artists. For now... wrapping up lesson plans!

Happy teaching!


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