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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blog Inauguration!

My bloguration? Well, anyway, this is my first post on the new blog. (The first one I didn't delete.) 

So... I'm now blogging, again. I had a blog a few years ago, but I was so shy about anyone seeing it that I kept it private. That one was about my quest to run a mile without dying. Did it. :) 
This time, I am throwing off the covers, so to speak, and revealing all the wonderful things I am honored to experience with 20 second graders each day. 

What's New...

I've recently joined the teacher marketplace. Again. I had a website for several years, but I lost interest in creating new material for it. I got lazy and let it lapse. Teachers Pay Teachers seems pretty simple, if you disregard the highly competitive marketing of teachers by teachers. No complaints on that issue.It is definitely a buyer's market. If it's not cute, eye-catching, well-designed, and CCSS-aligned, it probably isn't going to sell well.

Those who are successful in keeping students, parents, and administrators happy know that marketing the fun, wonderful, deeply-challenging activities that take place in classrooms on a daily basis is a must. It is a professional responsibility, in my opinion, albeit an unspoken one. It's not bragging; it's essential! So, let the TPT marketing begin!

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